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The harness and coat together works.  It encourages dogs to produce more oxytocin and that’s one of the ways The Rein Coat works.”   Lorie A. Huston, DVM

“The fashion accessory that also has emotional benefits.” …. states

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The Rein Coat®

A therapeutic calming coat that is being well received throughout the pet industry.
The technology of The Rein Coat® is totally different than other dog shirts that are tight fitting and restrictive.

A Harness and a Coat

Reduce the anxiety of scared, oversensitive, frightened, alarmed and aggressive pets.

Water Resistant

And lightweight with a comfortable, breathable and loose fit.

Custom Fit Design

For all shapes and sizes of dogs and cats with its unique strapping system.


There is no other K-9 garment that will fit a wide array of dogs, from toy breeds to giant breeds.

Only The Rein Coat®

We are the only product in the world that works in this innovative, gentle and nurturing fashion!


The Rein Coat® has proven effective in reducing anxieties while allowing your pet to move freely with no constraint.
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